28 07, 2009

The End of July

As a parent I had to do something this summer that felt like I was having my heart ripped out! I sent my autistic kid to camp! Now, you may be thinking that I should really get over it and be tough but the reality is that my 13 year old son with autism decided that he wanted to go to a basic training camp wth the Air Cadets.....two weeks in military camp. Oh my goodness! My first response was to scream, "NOT A CHANCE!" But, I soon recognized that that was my own fear speaking. He is genuinely interested in anything military...especially airplanes. He loves structure, routine and predictability...who better to deliver that than the military! And so, off he went. Happily. Me.....not so happy! I worried, I stressed...what if they yelled at him? What if he was not accepted by his peers? What if he didn't eat? What