January 2010

We would like to wish each and every visitor of the Autism Aspirations website and your families many blessings in the year 2010. We feel genuinely humbled by the support that we have recieved in 2009. Words cannot express our gratitude for the people that have come into our lives. Any of you that know me personally know that I believe that beautiful gifts can come wrapped in difficulties and challenges. I believe that we need to live one day at a time…maybe one hour at a time on some days…and we reach our goals one step at a time. Along the way, we are enriched with people we meet, unexpected surprises and the strength to keep going. We need to hold each other, cheer each other on and constantly focus on the positive aspects and gifts in our lives. We cannot do it alone. Our children with autism have a way of teaching that to us everyday. Reach out ask for help, accept help that is offered and smile a lot in 2010. Peace, happiness and health to all.

Jennifer and Ivars Krumins


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