11 02, 2010

Tidbits of Wisdom

Before leaving home, SHOW exactly what is expected of your child. Warning a child that you expect them to be good won't do the job. What does being "good" look like? And sound like? A checklist of these behaviors, a social script, or a of set visual pictures may be the tools that make the difference in the success of the outing. A rushed errand will too often be disastrous because as many parents know, the more hurried we are, the slower our children move! Our kids with autism are busy dealing with their own stress; they can't possibly cope with ours as well! Give yourself plenty of time when possible. Building Competence Humans develop self esteem by doing activities; achieving goals and completing tasks that are within our ability. Parents frequently say to me, "I don'€™t know why my daughter has such low self esteem. I always tell her