6 05, 2010

12 Ways to Make Individual Education Plans Useful and Meaningful

by Jennifer Krumins An Individual Education Plan or a plan by another name is a definite record of a plan of action for the educational program of a student. It is a roadmap that states where a student is at currently and where the student is going as a "whole" individual. By whole, I mean, not just academically but emotionally, behaviorally, socially and cognitively. An effective IEP is a culmination of collaborative sharing of insights and ideas, goals, objectives and resources. An IEP is also a legal document that is mandated in Canada for students that have special needs. Settings goals, working to achieve them, celebrating success and learning from failure are all fundamental components of life. As Dr. Samuel Johnson stated, "Our aspirations are our possibilities." When we hold ourselves to higher standards and take steps towards attaining our objectives, we are far more likely to arrive at our