11 07, 2010

Your Child Has Purpose

To begin... Know that your child has a purpose; he or she is not "damaged goods." Rather, he has a vulnerability and an innocence that the world desperately lacks. Your child with special needs is here to teach you and to teach the world. The lesson you must learn is your own but the world'€™s lesson is about compassion, accountability and love. When we take the time to reflect on the things that make your child unique we can begin to see life differently. Personally, I was always in a hurry; playing a game of "beat the clock." Our son was incessantly slow and meticulous. He had to thoroughly examine every aspect of nature while we would walk. He loved the sounds of his shoes on the pavement, the smell, of freshly cut grass and the feel of different sticks, stones, and random pieces of litter! I participated in walks