23 01, 2013

Don’€™t Give Me That Crap

Yes, I am guilty too, at times. It is so much faster and far less hassle. Let'€™s face it, it simply tastes better too! Add to that the fact that our kids are HARD core rigid in their tastes. But, the cost is high. Too high for our children who need to learn and grow. It is too easy to fill our kids with C.R.A.P' ...yes, crap: Carbonated drinks, Refined sugar, Artificial flavours and sweeteners and Processed foods. My own children, including the one with autism, turned their heads as soon as I pulled out the carrots, green peppers, bananas and cheese. They wanted (and secretly so did I) lunch meats, pepperettes, soda, fruit drinks, candies, cheese slices, '€œgranola'€ bars and cookies. Now, I am certainly not a '€œhealthy eater'€ by the standard of many. But, I have been a teacher long enough to see (and feel) the effects of