Celebrating “Real” Fathers

Today we are celebrating the men all over the world that have demonstrated real love; the kind of unconditional love it takes to raise a child with autism or any disabilities. Some may be biological dads, grandpas, uncles, unrelated men or step dads. 

Today we celebrate:older-dads-may-cause-autism

The men who are able to look into a child’s eyes and see love staring back. They see potential and gift where others may see challenge and disability.

Men who didn’t run when things got hard. They stuck it out and did the best they could with what they knew and what they had.

Men who offer relief, affirmations and hugs to exhausted moms. They take their turn at answering the 500 questions or changing the diapers. They get up in the night so that mom can have rest. They play games, sing songs, read stories and live an active role an a child’s life.

Men who advocate for their children with tenacity, fairness, and integrity.

Men who treat their children with gentleness and dignity. These are the men who demonstrate calm and strength when the child’s world feels like its falling apart. They respond with love and keep their ego in check.

Today we celebrate the men that allow themselves to cry and to laugh; they acknowldge the full spectrum of emotions and experiences that loving a child with autism brings. These are the men who put others’ needs first and give their time, energy and love to a child.

Thank you to the men that acknowldge that in their care are life’s most vulnerable humans. These are the men that will grow more, love deeper and experience more of what matters in life because they have opened their hearts and minds to what others cannot see: the gift of a child with special needs.

Faith, hope and love will guide you along the way. Grace, tenacity and strength are yours when you call them forth from within you. There is no need to be perfect, just keep starting over and giving the best you’ve got. A child with autism needs you.

Thank you to the real men. You are real men because you know real love.


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