12 10, 2013

Leaning Too Far Forward

Ahh, a moment of serenity...or it should have been. The sun beamed its light, warmth and hope, the colours of fall sang a glorious song of beauty and gratitude.  Stretched out on a zero gravity chair, gazing at the impressive game of hide and seek that the sun played through the leaves above, life was quiet, still and serene.  But like a rude intruder, my thoughts quickly leaned forward into a barrage of questions, thoughts and options. What would we have for dinner? How would I get the car from the garage? How would I find time to meet a friend's new baby...the list goes on. Does your racing mind ever jump into a tranquil moment and steal your peace of mind?  This time I caught the intruder before he was able to get away with the crime! Despite being in my late 40's it was as if I finally

6 10, 2013

Fixing Everybody Else

  It is so easy to fall into the trap of spending our energy and emotions on trying to change someone else. Dr. Phil's words come to mind: "How's that working for you?" Spin as we may, I have to wonder what result would we get if we put even half as much energy into working persistently on changing ourselves? Is it possible that while we are scoffing at the weaknesses of others, we are missing our own faults? Is there a chance that while we complain about the rudeness, arrogance or incompetence of someone else that we might be missing the opportunity to honestly reflect on these very characteristics in ourselves? Time and experience has taught me that most of my anxiety and stress comes from my constant need to control and 'fix' others....peace and serenity are more attainable when I refocus on my own attitudes and growth.  :lol: