Leaning Too Far Forward

Ahh, a moment of serenity…or it should have been.

The sun beamed its light, warmth and hope, the colours of fall sang a glorious song of beauty and gratitude.  Stretched out on a zero gravity chair, gazing at the impressive game of hide and seek that the sun played through the leaves above, life was quiet, still and serene.  But like a rude intruder, my thoughts quickly leaned forward into a barrage of questions, thoughts and options. What would we have for dinner? How would I get the car from the garage? How would I find time to meet a friend’s new baby…the list goes on.

Does your racing mind ever jump into a tranquil moment and steal your peace of mind?  This time I caught the intruder before he was able to get away with the crime!

Despite being in my late 40’s it was as if I finally observed the theft in action. Promptly, I decided to thank my intruder for trying to make me more organized but I sent him on his way. For this small, finite stretch of time I was going to savour the warmth of the sun, the smell of autumn and the rare quiet of backyard suburban life.

My mind eased back into the moment. I decided to bring my focus back to my senses. The serene, beauty of that snippet of time would be enjoyed. I would figure out the rest later…in 10 minutes.

Today I will notice the moments. I will look and actually see. I will eat and actually taste. I will breathe and actually notice the life giving gift of breath. I will listen and actually hear with my ears and my heart. I will stop myself from living in one moment and thinking about the next.



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