No Wheelchairs in Heaven

A child’s life is over.
Death is absolute.
Reality’s pain is unrelenting.
One less child in the school hallways.
An empty desk is a constant reminder of what is lost.

How do we move forward?
The hole left by a small little soul is gaping
And we fear that we will be swallowed by the darkness.
Momentary joy feels disrespectful.

Life on earth is marked by sorrow.
No one is immune.
Thousands deal with crushing pain daily
Cries of anguish and distress surround us at times.

 A small child teaches us to look beyond the suffering.
He reminds us that everything we have,
Everything we are able to do and to be… is a gift.

Hugs, laughter, smiles and kindness
Break through the boredom, monotony and discomfort.
Friendship eases adversity
Love makes it worthwhile.

A small child locked in a body that never worked properly
Has taught us to wait patiently, live fully
And trust that love will hold us in our vulnerability.

A small child dances, runs and sings like never before
Because he waited, he loved, and he trusted.
Free of a body, he now knows pure joy
Real love and constant freedom 
There are no wheelchairs in heaven. 

Be with us little one
Invisible yet present
Remind us to love and laugh in the midst of pain
And to trust in spite of the emptiness

Most of all, little one
Teach us to wait patiently
To allow our vulnerability
To live to love
And to trust in love.

Run little one, chase the angels 
Bask in light and love
Shine on in our lives.




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