Never Give Up Hope

Disheartened. Discouraged. The dark settles in and infiltrates every aspect of our day. Why can’t it be easy? Why is there always something that goes wrong? When will things change? As sure as we have a heartbeat we will struggle. Others will hurt us, disappoint us and leave us feeling hopeless. Decisions that are far beyond our control will impact us in ways that are totally unjust. Exhaustion takes its toll on us emotionally and physically. How are we supposed to give and serve when we are empty?

In spite of it all, I choose hope. I have come to expect struggle. My resilience has been 559314_10150791730113628_95845568627_11699691_1071127387_nstrengthened because of it. I will not fight. Fighting exhausts me. It steals my inner strength and joy. No. I will take the next step even if I am incapable of seeing where the path leads. I will take account of what is right and good in my life. I will be sure to let my gratitude be reflected in my demeanor and my interactions with others. I will speak kindly to myself.  I will choose to focus on actions I am able to take rather than those beyond my control. I will not allow my thoughts to stew over what is done or what is not right. I recognize my automatic negative thoughts and I respond with a more productive counter thought. I seek wisdom, strength and courage from a higher source. I will not be trapped by the darkness.

I look back. I see that in spite of every setback and every tragedy, something good was raised. Sadness ultimately turned to joy. Pain produced something beautiful. Disappointments lead to new opportunities. Forgiveness freed love. Struggle cultivated resilience.  Loss nurtured gratitude. Heartbreak fostered empathy and compassion.

Never give up hope. Focus on the light and the darkness will never win. Trust the journey and choose to accept the struggle that is inherent in living. Pure love always disperses the darkness. Good Friday always leads to Easter Sunday.  Hope reigns supreme. 

Wishing you a hope filled and blessed Easter!

Jennifer   😛


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