22 06, 2014

Family Celebrations and Autism: Plan to Survive and Enjoy!

A large family event stands before you. One part of you is excited to see everyone and to celebrate! But, anxiety lurks in your mind. It threatens to steal the joy of the day. How will your child with autism respond to all the people and the confusion that large gatherings inevitably create? What can you do to prepare yourself and your child? :-D Write down in pictures or words a brief outline of what can be expected: Keep it short and sweet: balloons, presents being opened (that belong to someone else), loud laughter, sitting at the dinner table all together, waiting to eat and hugs, many people, firecrackers so on. It is critical that we set up the framework for the outing as this will not be innately known by the child with autism….even if he has done it before. Decide on a few positive expectations that you have