21 12, 2014

5 Things Your Child with Autism May Want you to Know This Christmas

Dear Family, 1. I may not want to open all of my gifts on Christmas morning. It may take me all day! I may want to just play with the paper or with the first gift I opened. New toys can be hard to get used to. 2. Please don't insist that I hang out with all of the friends and relatives. I need a space to myself... a place for quiet. Find a place that I can do my favourite activity so that you can enjoy your visits with others. 3. I may not be as excited as you would think I should be for Christmas. To be honest, I find it all a little too much; so many people, many different smells, too much noise, changes routine and too busy for my liking. Be patient with me. 4. I may want to leave the party early.....I may not

11 12, 2014

Thank you Little Boy

Dear little boy, I am filled with excitement and pride. Our bathroom break didn’t start well, I know. I knew you were very angry with the plan on the schedule. Leaving your play and going to the washroom is not easy for you. You ran from me. I took your hand to guide you and I sat on the floor while you cried. It broke my heart to see your tears streaming down your face. You turned to the wall reminding me that I was not in your favour at the moment. I sat silently with Pikachu on my lap and slipped the visual schedule into your line of vision. You threw it at me. I know you were angry with me and the schedule. I don’t blame you. It’s hard when I am so stubborn. I wanted to talk to you, to explain why I was making you take

4 12, 2014

Coping with Autism’s Rough Patches

WHY? Why is he doing that? What prompted this new behaviour? How should I respond? What am I supposed to do about it? When working with a child with autism, have you ever felt like you were losing any semblance of control? Do you notice yourself nagging, begging and chasing a child? Are you wondering what you are doing wrong? I hear you. You want answers. You need solutions. I have bad news. Clear cut answers don’t exist. Some folks will assume they know the answer. Others will have some valid ideas and notions about the answer.  The only person who really knows, is most likely the one with autism – and the chances are that he or she cannot tell you. Ready for some good news? Assuming that the new actions do not pose any danger to anyone, you may just try a few things before resorting to the