Thank you Little Boy

Dear little boy,

I am filled with excitement and pride. Our bathroom break didn’t start well, I know. I knew you were very angry with the plan on the schedule. Leaving your play and going to the washroom is not easy for you. You ran from me. I took your hand to guide you and I sat on the floor while you cried. It broke my heart to see your tears streaming down your face. You turned to the wall reminding me that I was not in your favour at the moment.

I sat silently with Pikachu on my lap and slipped the visual schedule into your line of vision. You threw it at me. I know you were angry with me and the schedule. I don’t blame you. It’s hard when I am so stubborn.

I wanted to talk to you, to explain why I was making you take time for a washroom break. I wanted to comfort you. But I stayed quiet. I knew I had to.

I smiled to myself as you slowly quieted your sobs and allowed yourself to look at Pikachu love is patientsitting on the edge of the toilet. My heart silently jumped for joy the moment you pointed to ipad on the visual schedule. I knew you were ready. Holding my breath, pointed to the picture of the toilet first and then the ipad. You gave me one last look, sighed, peed in the toilet and smiled that magical smile! YES! You did it!

Your face beamed with pride as you turned to wash your hands. Your wet little hands around my neck made me feel like I would burst with love. But the hug was short lived because the ipad was ‘next’ on the schedule.

Thank you little boy. Thank you for challenging me. Thank you for teaching me to be quiet and let the pictures and routine do the talking. Thank you for reminding me that love is not always easy. Love is consistent, gentle and firm. Thank you for trusting that you are safe with me.

I love you and I will give the best of me to you. I promise.  🙂



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