26 03, 2015

Directives From the Spectrum: If You Want Me to Learn, Enter My World First

I am different. I sense things differently. I enjoy things that seem odd or weird to you. My inner world is far more wonderful than you choose to believe. It can't be.....you think... because it is not like yours. I know that I must exist in "your" world. I will concede because I am outnumbered. However, I question your methods for teaching me how to be in your world. Must you begin where I am weakest? Should I do what you ask simply because you said so? If I do what you say, will you leave me alone? If I give you the response you want, will you stop asking me? I am in your world. But I am thinking about things that interest me. Perhaps, you could enter my world for a little while. Go ahead, gaze where I am gazing. Spin the things I spin. Examine the things