21 06, 2015

I Love you Anyway, Dad

Dad, I am not the child you thought I would be. You love me anyway. I cannot do the things you hoped I could do. You cheer for me anyway. I have interests that are very different from yours. You participate with me anyway. I don’t respond to you the way you would expect. You engage with me anyway. I sometimes behave in ways you don’t understand.  You keep learning anyway. My future may not be what you planned. You encourage me to grow to be the best me anyway.   Sometimes, you get impatient and frustrated with me, I love you anyway. Sometimes you feel scared and your heart hurts, I see your bravery, love and courage anyway. Thank you for loving me the way I am Dad. Thank you for letting me love you, the way I can. Love, Your Child with Autism   Copyright©2015JenniferKrumins

13 06, 2015

Refuelling in the Last Stretch

The end of school looms close - but not close enough. Exhaustion permeates every classroom and staff room. Summer taunts us with warm sunny days and yet we remain trapped in school. I can hear my American friends giggling. Every year, educators and students alike, in all parts of the world, must persist till the final bell rings. For twenty-five years I too have found myself with a diminished sense of humour, reduced patience and increased anxiety over what needs to be done in the time left. Will I ever learn? Refueling our bodies and minds seem to be considered a luxury for many of us. Too many times I catch myself trying to, "push through exhaustion and stress because I will relax when the holidays arrive." Can you relate? The problem is that we end up so tired and overwhelmed that we don't enjoy the homestretch to the summer holidays.