22 10, 2015

I Don’t Have Time!

Take a peek into my inner thoughts on any given day… My mouth: “I don’t have time to do something for me!” Stern voice in my head: “Rephrase please: You choose not to have time.” My mouth: “You don’t understand! I DON’T have time!” Stern voice: “Okay, believe what you will, and go on being miserable.” Ouch. I catch myself saying it more often than I care to admit! What if the stern voice makes a good point? I make choices with my time. A dear friend is batting terminal cancer. I would never dare to complain to her that I lack time! I think we as humans (me included) are fooling ourselves when we say we don’t have time. Now, I realize that that there are circumstances and times in life when events out of our control take over and consume our time. On any given day, what do you

4 10, 2015

The TRUTH about Individual Education Plans

It’s only fair that I be honest right from the start. I don’t enjoy creating individual education plans. I have a hard time deciding what goals to choose, especially when a student’s needs are high. I want to do it all and be all I can, for the student who needs me most.  I hate how scripted and hemmed in I feel by IEPs - always striving to be clear and concise while incorporating the correct terminology and prescribed components. Frustration grips me at times when I am trying to transform ideas into meaningful SMART goals. Instinct about what I really want for a student clashes with the question of how I can put that knowledge into a well written goal and subsequent objectives. I especially hate trying to decide how I will measure the goal! I find writing individual education plans tiring and mind bending at times. You might