I Don’t Have Time!

Take a peek into my inner thoughts on any given day…

My mouth: “I don’t have time to do something for me!”

Stern voice in my head: “Rephrase please: You choose not to have time.”

My mouth: “You don’t understand! I DON’T have time!”

Stern voice: “Okay, believe what you will, and go on being miserable.”


I catch myself saying it more often than I care to admit! What if the stern voice makes a good point? I make choices with my time. A dear friend is batting terminal cancer. I would never dare to complain to her that I lack time!

I think we as humans (me included) are fooling ourselves when we say we don’t have time. Now, I realize that that there are circumstances and times in life when events out of our control take over and consume our time.

On any given day, what do you trade your time for? I mean the tiny pockets of time…5 – 10 minutes here and there? If I was to watch a replay of my day on video, would I be able to identify times where I chose to use time to:

Surf the internet

Scroll through Facebook

Chat with a co- worker about how much I have to do

Scramble at the last minute, searching for items I have put somewhere without thinking

Complain to someone about lack of money, resources and so on

Play a game on Facebook…remember Farmville?

Press the snooze button, roll over and go back to sleep

Watch a few hours of TV

Nothing is inherently wrong with any of these activities. But, I need to take responsibility for how I use my time.  I cannot tell myself that I do not have time to make healthy meals, exercise, pray, meditate or take a walk, if I choose to give time to activities that will not serve or build me. Perhaps, I could work to manage my activities rather than manage my time.

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