It’s Not a Priority

Okay, bear with me…I am still stuck on the whole “I don’t have time” thing.

I keep noticing that I literally race through life – from one task, appointment, meeting, event to another. I complain that I don’t have time to take a warm bath, a walk in the woods, to read a good book and the list goes on. But now, I hear myself saying it and I flinch a little. Why don’t I have time?

Like so many people, my life is crazy busy. But if I am honest, I have more control over how I use it than I allow myself to believe. I love reading. But let’s face it, at night when I am exhausted I allow myself to scroll through Facebook with very little attantion the length of time I do it. I am also known for having to get “just one more” email sent. I seem to have two extremes: I might scurry around like a frantic little task master or I might deaden my brain cells by googling the most useless crap – does the fact that the Bachelor just broke up with his fiance REALLY matter in my life? Not if I am telling myself that I would like to have time to read, write, play a sport, learn a language, build a better relationship with my husband or kids….(insert your bucket list items here).

Perhaps, I just need to choose my language more honestly – I need to put mychoices in a more clear context:

  1. Getting updated n the Bachelor’s love life is a priority.

2. Spending time with my husband and working on our marriage is a priority.

I know, its only 5 minutes. But, spending 5 minutes chatting with my husband matches my priorities and gets me closer to my goal of creating a successful marriage. I feel more at peace with myself when I attend to what I value. Mindless celebrity creeping doesn’t have the same effect.

I get to choose how I use my time. What are your thoughts? Am I the only one who complains about lacking time to live life according to my values and goals?




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