What’s your scale saying to you?

Oh good! You’re back!
I was hoping I could entice you to step on me again today!
You’re staring at me. So many self-judgments racing through your mind, I see.
Thoughts of self-disgust threaten your self-worth. I cannot help but giggle as you strip down so as to influence the number I render.
It’s so easy to toy with your emotions.
Yesterday you were gleeful with the number I showed you. Today, your inner frustration spills out of your mouth as you curse at me.
Oh how I love the way I control so much of your life.  Your thoughts about yourself, your mood, the exercise you do and even the food you eat are controlled by me. The power is addictive!
I toy with you like a puppet on the string. If I raise the number by so much as a half a pound, your face makes your thoughts transparent. 
WAIT. What are doing? 
Put me back. I don’t like the dark cupboard. I NEED to be in full view every time you enter the room.
How will you know what you weigh? What you’re worth today? How will you track your progress without me?
You NEED me. I keep you honest. Remember?
This cannot be happening. You can’t be serious!
I thought we were close. We had a great relationship.
And now, I will only see you once a week at most?
Okay, fine. Shove me away. But, just know that I am disappointed in you. Your relationship with gravity is determined by ME.
WHO will you pay attention to now?
What did you say?   You’ll to listen to the way your CLOTHES FIT?
You’re MORE than a number on a scale?
You have got to be kidding me! This is MADNESS!! I am the best indication of you as a person!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NOTE to THE READER: Perhaps, it’s time to rethink your relationship with your scale. 😉 
You are far more than a number on a scale!
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