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Jennifer Krumins B.A.Hons B. Ed. M.Ed.


Teaching in Ontario, Canada for 20 years has equipped me with vast experience in all kinds of learning differences and challenging learning difficulties. But none would compare with teaching my own son both in the general classroom (for two years) and in private therapy at home. It was these experiences that both drained me emotionally and inspired me professionally. Being the teacher and the mom brought me face to face with my own teaching philosophy and my teaching practices.

I earned my Special Education Specialist and I undertook extensive training from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario and the Geneva Centre for Autism in Toronto, Ontario. I had the privilege of working in a private therapy program for my son under the guidance and direction of the Behavior Institute in Hamilton, Ontario. I have completed a Masters of Education in Human Development and Applied Psychology at The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto.

Most importantly, I have been privileged to work with students with autism that have truly educated me.

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