28 08, 2017

What You Are NOT Doing

“Just relax. You need to take time for you. You should be exercising. Eating healthy, clean and organic meals would help you and your family.” Do these well-meaning statements want to make you SCREAM? Just one more thing on the list of things you ARE NOT doing. The never ending ‘should do” litany continues. Whether we are raising, educating or caring working with individuals with autism, or any other special need for that matter, we know all too well that we should be taking care of ourselves. But, the million-dollar question is WHEN? HOW? The demands on our physical, emotional and time resources are excessive on a ‘good’ day! A day in the life of a parent raising a child with autism is jam packed with therapy, appointments, phone calls and interspersed with negotiation, begging and meltdowns. Oh, and don’t forget the laundry, grocery shopping, meal prep, cleaning, attending to