17 04, 2014

Never Give Up Hope

Disheartened. Discouraged. The dark settles in and infiltrates every aspect of our day. Why can’t it be easy? Why is there always something that goes wrong? When will things change? As sure as we have a heartbeat we will struggle. Others will hurt us, disappoint us and leave us feeling hopeless. Decisions that are far beyond our control will impact us in ways that are totally unjust. Exhaustion takes its toll on us emotionally and physically. How are we supposed to give and serve when we are empty? In spite of it all, I choose hope. I have come to expect struggle. My resilience has been strengthened because of it. I will not fight. Fighting exhausts me. It steals my inner strength and joy. No. I will take the next step even if I am incapable of seeing where the path leads. I will take account of what is right

17 02, 2014

A Cure for the Blahs

It’s like a wave numb inactivity, disengagement and lack of a give a damn sucks my typical enthusiasm for life.  I think many of us experience this dull, dry, ‘desert’ feeling at times. To be honest, I hate it. I despise being sucked into a sloth like abyss. But, at the same time, I find it very challenging to overcome. Perhaps, it is the weather, the lack of sunshine or the abundance of viruses and bugs that wreak havoc on whole families and classrooms. Whatever the reason, I find myself returning to what I know has brought me out of the doldrums before: more time with God. And so I return to solitude name my blessings, ask for help with my state of mind and wait.  I decide that my waiting must be active. I really don't feel motivated to do so, but I will  take the dogs for a

21 01, 2014

No Wheelchairs in Heaven

A child’s life is over. Death is absolute.Reality’s pain is unrelenting.One less child in the school hallways.An empty desk is a constant reminder of what is lost. How do we move forward?The hole left by a small little soul is gapingAnd we fear that we will be swallowed by the darkness.Momentary joy feels disrespectful. Life on earth is marked by sorrow.No one is immune.Thousands deal with crushing pain dailyCries of anguish and distress surround us at times.  A small child teaches us to look beyond the suffering.He reminds us that everything we have,Everything we are able to do and to be… is a gift. Hugs, laughter, smiles and kindnessBreak through the boredom, monotony and discomfort.Friendship eases adversityLove makes it worthwhile. A small child locked in a body that never worked properlyHas taught us to wait patiently, live fullyAnd trust that love will hold us in our vulnerability. A small child

12 10, 2013

Leaning Too Far Forward

Ahh, a moment of serenity...or it should have been. The sun beamed its light, warmth and hope, the colours of fall sang a glorious song of beauty and gratitude.  Stretched out on a zero gravity chair, gazing at the impressive game of hide and seek that the sun played through the leaves above, life was quiet, still and serene.  But like a rude intruder, my thoughts quickly leaned forward into a barrage of questions, thoughts and options. What would we have for dinner? How would I get the car from the garage? How would I find time to meet a friend's new baby...the list goes on. Does your racing mind ever jump into a tranquil moment and steal your peace of mind?  This time I caught the intruder before he was able to get away with the crime! Despite being in my late 40's it was as if I finally

6 10, 2013

Fixing Everybody Else

  It is so easy to fall into the trap of spending our energy and emotions on trying to change someone else. Dr. Phil's words come to mind: "How's that working for you?" Spin as we may, I have to wonder what result would we get if we put even half as much energy into working persistently on changing ourselves? Is it possible that while we are scoffing at the weaknesses of others, we are missing our own faults? Is there a chance that while we complain about the rudeness, arrogance or incompetence of someone else that we might be missing the opportunity to honestly reflect on these very characteristics in ourselves? Time and experience has taught me that most of my anxiety and stress comes from my constant need to control and 'fix' others....peace and serenity are more attainable when I refocus on my own attitudes and growth.  :lol:

23 08, 2013

One Act of Hate Inspires Oodles of Love

Like so many others, I am deeply disgusted and disturbed that a human being is capable of thinking, let alone, writing and sharing thoughts that are so inhumane and evil. In case you have not heard about it, a local grandmother received an anonymous (cowardly) letter expressing anger and hate about her grandchild with autism. Yep, a CHILD with autism was described as being so abhorrent that he "should be euthanized!"  My mind is riddled with all kinds of questions as to HOW and WHY anyone could be so backward, so filled with cruelty and nastiness, not to mention arrogance and self righteousness! I am horrified, indignant and ashamed that this kind of thinking still exists.  But, at the same time, I see the beauty that emerges from the pile of garbage. The news is filled with stories of letters of support, gifts and phone calls that are coming to

6 06, 2013

Will Someone Unplug Me Please!

I recently attended a dance recital. I must admit, I was mesmerized. But, not by the dances. A young toddler behind me played quietly with an empty water bottle and zipped it through the air with a slightly audible SWOOSH. When the bottle fell and rolled to my feet - I couldn'€™t help but join in his game. I too, simulated the flying motion through a couple loop de loops and back onto the 'rocket'€™s'€ landing pad. He smiled and continued playing. The parents apologized and I assured them that I was not the least bit upset. In fact, I was ecstatic! Would you agree that humans in North America carry out their days in similar fashion to a pet hamster on a wheel? Round and round we go, spinning at high speeds until at some point we fall off the wheel or collapse in utter exhaustion. With all due

27 05, 2013

Mission Control: We Have a Problem

I cringe as I catch myself. Yep. I have done it again. I have scurried along at a break- necked speed and as I move I utter commandments at rapid fire speed to those I love the most. On occasion, I have been accused of being over controlling and €œintense.€ Ouch. That is not the description I am looking for when, from my perspective, I am doing everything possible to make sure that my house and my family are well kept and organized. Perhaps the worst part of the accusation is there is truth in it. Sometimes I have an out of body experience (not literally) and I hear myself: €œDid you take your vitamins? Do you have a water bottle? You know how important hydration is! Why do I need to remind you to put your shoes IN the closet? Did you feed the dogs? Is your homework done?

21 03, 2013

Sometimes Life’s Lessons are Unexpected

Just returned from a trip to Cuba with my hubby! Twenty one years of marriage and three kids later I can say with all sincerity that WE NEEDED IT! :) We went looking forward to sun, beach and a few cocktails but we we got was SO much more! We fell in love with the people of Cuba. I seriously think many of us could learn so much from their sense of blessing for what they have and for the devotion and dedication to family. What struck me most was that upon arrival I felt pity for their poverty and lack of material possessions. In less than a week I witnessed first hand that in many ways I am the one who is POOR. I live in a culture where material gain and hording of possessions is almost expected. Where the "Jone's" are my measuring stick of success. In one