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Living with autism or living with someone with autism is a lifelong journey of learning, growing and experiencing life through a different set of lenses.

There is an endless supply of self help books, videos, tutorials and downloads designed to help you figure out and navigate life loving someone with autism. But in the end, it is about creating a lasting impact that changes your thinking, transforms your actions and improves your life.

For many, having someone walk alongside them as they experience life with autism is worth more than all the self-help resources. Learning from someone who has been there and who has helped many people thrive and experience personal growth is freeing.

My one-on-one LIVING WITH AUTISM coaching topics cover a wide range of common and not so common topics to help you not only deal with issues but grow through them including:


  • Give you greater understanding of the effects of autism on the entire family – including grandparents and extended family

  • Help reduce the stress and frustration of getting through your everyday life

  • Teach you how to actually GROW and THRIVE while raising someone with autism

  • Help bring peace to your otherwise chaotic and unpredictable life

  • Help you develop a strong network of supporters, family and friends who truly understand autism

  • Helps those WITH autism understand, accept and reach their full potential

My one-on-one LIVING WITH AUTISM coaching sessions are not one-sized fits all because every child with autism and every family is unique. I’ll customize the coaching for you and your family.

Jennifer Krumins has written an outstanding e-book that every parent and teacher of children with intellectual disabilities should read. As a special education teacher and Kieran’s mother, she brings that unique perspective of professional and parental insight that benefits everyone supporting a child with disabilities. She offers practical, compassionate strategies and accommodations (and extensive checklists)to enhance learning, communication, socializiation, and self-esteem — both in the classroom and at home. And each of those strategies is aimed at helping our kids reach the most important goal: the greatest independence possible as they enter adulthood.

Jennifer Graham, Transition Consultant - www.getontrack.us

Autism Resources To Help You

Whether you are an educator, parent, grandparent or just someone who has been touched by autism, these resources can help you navigate the world of autism with competence and confidence.

Grandparents have a unique and special role to children on the autism spectrum. This book helps grandparents better connect with their grandchild.

Learn what should be included in the Individual Education Plan and how to make the IEPs useful and meaningful for a student with autism.

Down to earth help in planning an authentic and meaningful classroom program based on sound science and experience for a student with autism.

Down to earth help in planning an authentic and meaningful classroom program based on sound science and experience for a student with autism.


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