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Do you ever wonder how you will find the energy and stamina needed to get through your day? Do you dream of living life free of some of the big stresses?

Months ago I was at a point where I was just plain sick and tired of my health, my body and my brain. I was determined to make a big change. But I wasn’t sure what to do. I had been trying to eat healthy and work out but I was seeing no improvement. My visceral belly fat seemed to spawn new layers every day! At the same time as I watched my lean muscle turn flabby, I struggled to find enough energy and focus to get through the day. Working out exhausted me and quite frankly did nothing to my body. (I know I am climbing toward 50 but sheesh!) The doctors basically said “welcome to peri-menopause!” No, I am not writing this from jail.  😛

I was not interested in a diet as I knew that what I needed had to be a lifestyle change. I did some homework and chose to work with a company that, to be perfectly honest,  has given me results that I yearned for!

I can say with full confidence that the system of nutrients I am putting into my body have made a BIG difference.  There has been no magic. It has been an investment. I have had to choose what I put into my body more thoughtfully and I have made it a priority to do some form of exercise at least 3 times a week. The difference is – it is working! In six months, I have flatter, less fatty belly (still no six pack but hey, give me time). My lean muscle is now building because I have the energy to work out. I am more alert and energized. I have even had days here I did not need coffee in the afternoon to function! I just plain feel better. AND, the best part…my family likes me more! Heck, I like ME more! 😀

Investing in my own health and wellness has been the best decision I have made in a long time!

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