Transform Fear into Hope, Joy and Confidence

with Jennifer Krumins

 Has your grandchild’s Autism diagnosis left you with more questions than answers?

Are you left feeling uncertain and helpless?

Do you yearn to have a loving, fun and deep relationship with your grandchild?

Don’t let fear, lack of understanding or distance hold you back from being the best grandparent you can possibly be.

Whether you’re a full-time grandparent, a step-grandparent, or a long -distance grandparent living thousands of miles away, you can find new ways to strengthen family ties and provide you and your grandchildren with joyful memories and valuable life lessons all while navigating the journey of autism.

I’m Jennifer Krumins and I’ve been helping families of children with autism to expand their understanding of autism, deepen relationships and grow personally for two decades now. Enjoying 26 years as a special education teacher, a speaker, an author of 3 autism books and, most importantly, my role as mom to 3 amazing young adult children, one whom has autism, I can say with all honesty, that I have lived the front-line experience. My family and I have not only survived, but, thrived. I have been able to learn the lessons that my ‘kids’ with autism had to teach me and I want to share that wisdom with you.

I’ve taught and coached hundreds of educators, parents and family members to step into the world from the autism perspective. Examining closely what they KNOW, THINK and DO and has transformed the lives of everyone involved.

That's why I designed an online training resource especially for you!


Autism and Grandparents: Deepening the Connection


Providing you the knowledge, tools and support you need in order to play an integral role in the life of a child who needs you.


Here’s how it works:

The program is delivered in six modules so you can work through the course in small, manageable chunks.

  • One module will be delivered to you each week for six weeks.
  • Each module is in an easy to follow, step by step format. 
  • Each module includes the course material in three formats – video, audio and text outlines so that you can work through the program in the format that works best for you.
  • Includes reflection pages to help you work through, and implement, the course material at a practical level. 
  • Ongoing access so that you can refer back to material or re-take the whole course (or parts) as many times as you want or need.
  • Access the course material at any time, 24/7, so you can work through the program on a day and time that fits your schedule. 

The program is 100% online so you can work through it wherever you are in the world, at your own pace and in a way that fits into your schedule. There is no exam. The only person you are responsible to is yourself. But, I am here with you all the way! In addition, meet other grandparents who are on the Autism journey in our private Facebook group. 


What you'll get:

  • Over 6 hours of training 
  • Lifetime Access to course and all updates
  • One module will be delivered to you each week for 6 weeks
  • Downloads, reflections and practical tools you need 
  • Access to a private community on Facebook (I will join you in there)
  • A personal mentor as you navigate autism

I want it to be a totally risk-free investment for you so it comes with a money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the training course, ask for your money back and get a no hassle, full refund. 


Isn't it time you stopped...

'Beating yourself up' because you don't seem to be able to help with your grandchild the way you want to...

Feeling so discouraged because caring for this child just feels too difficult...

Getting frustrated with the child and not knowing whether this is autism behavior or just 'bratty' behavior...

Living with doubt and fear of what harm you may be doing to your grandchild or family because you just don't get this autism thing...


Start being the grandparent you want to be for your grandchild living with autism

I am Ready to Learn!


Mentor and teach much needed skills. Imagine how fulfilling it will feel to be able to help to shape skills that don't come naturally to your grandchild.

Spend time alone with your grandchild without fearing meltdowns. Imagine the feeling of having the knowledge to interpret your grandchild's behavior and the skills to be able to offer solutions?

Engage and interact with your grandchild in meaningful ways. Imagine the joy of knowing that you 'get' your grandchild and he/she feels safe with you?


Let's do this!

Worried about the cost?

Consider this: There is a cost to learning and having a mentor who can help you navigate the journey.

But, I promise you that the cost of trial and error is far higher. Failing to build strong ties to your grandchild and adult parents leaves deep wounds for each person involved.  Family relationships are critical to the well- being of your grandchildren and the adults involved. Knowledge and understanding will go a long way to return your financial investment.

I thought long and hard about how I could make this offer even better. And I came up with two amazing bonuses.

The first bonus is that after all this talk about the Grandparent book, I will send you a complimentary digital copy of the book.

When this course is released to the general public it will be $197. BUT, I decided that since you jumped in with me at the beginning …   I would make this a COMPLETE no-brainer…  You’ll get Autism and Grandparents Deepening the Connection $97 – that’s a  $100 SAVINGS.

Oh but it gets better – I was thinking about how I can make sure that you get your questions answered and that’s when it occurred to me to give you another gift. Saying yes to your growth and your grandchild today and I am going to offer you a 45 minute coaching call with me. Consider that if you were to pay me for one to one coaching you would be looking at a $300 price tag.

If you add up the value of JUST those 3 bonuses… well, you’re already at over $400! But, for a limited time your investment is $97.

That’s how much I want this training for you – for your family.

Remember, if you want to build strong, deep connections with your grandchild, and play an active and helpful role in his or life, then you have to take some type of different action. Think about how your life will be different if you commit to working with me and others who share your journey in this course  .

I look forward to joining you and navigating autism with  you!

Together we ARE stronger,


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