Been There Done That Finally Getting it Right! 2nd Edition


Learn what should be included in the Individual Education Plan and how to make the IEPs useful and meaningful for a student with Autism. Written from the perspective of a mother and teacher, this book offers a personal and yet comprehensive guide and aims to build a bridge between parents and teachers in order to serve the child with autism.

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Students with autism have specific needs and learning styles that can challenge even the most experienced teachers. Learn what, why and how to create a meaningful education for a student with autism based on sound science and plenty of real life experience. Written from the perspective of a mother and a special education teacher, this book has been written to encourage you, the teacher and the parent. It aims to provide easy to read, down to earth, common sense advice in creating an effective educational plans and programs for students of all ages with autism.

Through research and hands on experience as a mother and a teacher of individuals with autism, the author offers a comprehensive account of what autism looks like in the classroom and practical strategies about how educators can teach to these core deficits and strengths. The book provides answers to: What is this thing called an Individual Education Plan? What s the point of an IEP? And does it really matter?

An explanation in non- jargon terms of really important terms that will be a part of educational planning and programming is included as well as a personal account of the perspective of a teacher and a mother in educating a student with autism. The author presents ideas about how to work in collaboration as a team since it is in essence a team that must educate a child with autism. The book includes a detailed account of how to write meaningful and measurable goals and objectives that match the needs of a student with autism. In addition, there is a detailed inventory of what needs to be in an Individual Education Plan for a student with autism and an extensive list of possible accommodations, modifications and goals and objectives. The book is a practical goldmine with a whole section that is devoted to creating truly effective transition plans and documents that help teachers and parents to plan before during and after an IEP meeting. Finally, a book written by someone who has been there and done that!

What’s NEW in this edition?

  • The current DSM V criteria
  • New sections on Cognition, Memory, Sensory Impairments, Play and Motor Differences
  • An Assistive Technology Selection and Implementation Guide
  • A Guide to creating an autism friendly classroom
  • MORE Individual Education Plan specifics!

What’s inside:

  • What Does Autism Spectrum Disorder Look Like in the Classroom?
  • How Do I Teach this Kid?
  • Is an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Really that Important?
  • Developing The Blueprint
  • Creating Specific Performance Objectives
  • Integrating a Transition Plan
  • The Role of Parents
  • Communication – The Key to Success
  • The Gold Standard: What We Are Working Toward?

The book includes:

  • A comprehensive account of what autism might look like in the classroom and practical strategies about how we can teach to these core deficits
  • A whole section that is devoted to creating truly effective transition plans
  • A document that helps you to plan before an IEP meeting to make sure that your input is relevant  and constructive
  • Detailed checklists that will keep you on track during an IEP meeting and during transition planning and ensure that the students needs are not overlooked
  • Sample forms for data collection and skill tracking

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