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Sometimes You Just Need A Little Help

Autism Aspirations is all about helping YOU navigate a life touched by autism. Our mission is to provide you with real help, real information and real ways to not only survive living with autism, but to actually thrive in it.

I have proven resources to help you understand autism as well as resources to help yourself be strong, healthy and your physical best.


There is no shortage of opinions, theories, tips and ideas about living with autism. But which are the right resources? Which will work for you? I can help you navigate resources and give you ones that are proven to make a difference.

  • Learn how to calm yourself and the individual living with autism in crisis situations

  • Learn how to create autism friendly environments and how to avoid meltdowns and anxiety

  • Understand how the mind of a person with autism works

  • Learn how to build a strong and loving relationships with persons living with autism


Your health and wellness is more important than you know. Without it, you can’t provide the care, support and inspiration necessary juggle all that you do. In addition to one-on-one health coaching, I also have an incredible partnership with IsaGenix to provide you with the nutritional information and products to create the healthiest and best you.

  • Learn to lose the extra weight and to maintain

  • Increase your energy levels so you can manage it all

  • Help increase your physical, emotional and mental performance

  • Learn what it takes to be your physical best as you age


Let’s face it, autism can be complicated. I can help you and others gain a better understand of autism and what it means to those who have autism and those who have someone in their lives with autism. I can help you with one-on-one coaching as well as educating large groups.

  • One-on-one coaching

  • Group speaking engagements

Just writing to tell you how much I value your books. We frequently get EA placement students and teacher candidates in our class and I always give them Been There. Done That and One Step at a Time  to read. Every time I do I can hear “aha” moments happen!! I often reference these books when things get tough, or stale and I’m looking for clarification, inspiration, motivation, and even a little reminder of why we do what we do. Your positive words and clear format make understanding the world of working in Autism just a little bit easier!

Jan Fukumoto, Autism Services

Autism Resources To Help You

Whether you are an educator, parent, grandparent or just someone who has been touched by autism, these resources can help you navigate the world of autism with competence and confidence.

Grandparents have a unique and special role to children on the autism spectrum. This book helps grandparents better connect with their grandchild.

Learn what should be included in the Individual Education Plan and how to make the IEPs useful and meaningful for a student with autism.

Down to earth help in planning an authentic and meaningful classroom program based on sound science and experience for a student with autism.

Down to earth help in planning an authentic and meaningful classroom program based on sound science and experience for a student with autism.


Resources for your classroom or home? One-on-one coaching?Speaker at your event or organization?