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When talking about Autism, it is about making connections and making differences.

As a coach, educator, author, speaker and mother, I have had the pleasure of doing both with many clients, organizations and families over the years.

Here are a few of those kind words that have made my day.

Jennifer, I thoroughly enjoyed your book and think it is an excellent resource. You have created a very practical tool that will certainly assist teachers as they plan for their student’€™s individual needs. Your perspective from “both sides of the fence” is invaluable to all of us.I look forward to providing this tool to staff at our upcoming IEP workshops. I know they will walk away better prepared to develop a plan that will bring the child’€™s IEP to life.

Thank you for sharing your insights as Mom and educator. Keep writing.

Jan Fukumoto, Autism Services

Just writing to tell you how much I value your books. We frequently get EA placement students and teacher candidates in our class and I always give them Been There. Done That and One Step at a Time  to read. Every time I do I can hear “aha” moments happen!! I often reference these books when things get tough, or stale and I’m looking for clarification, inspiration, motivation, and even a little reminder of why we do what we do. Your positive words and clear format make understanding the world of working in Autism just a little bit easier!

Maureen Partridge, Centre for Austism Spectrum Assistance, Courtice, ON

Autism: The Grandparent Connection covered many areas of concern for me as a grandmother of a child diagnosed with ASD. This book gave me some valuable tips on how to become actively involved with my grandchild’s journey. I recommend this book for parents and grandparents alike to read together and come up with a respectful and balanced action plan for any family dealing with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. Where autism is concerned it does take a village… Or at least a family … To raise a child.

Kathy (grandma)

I met Jennifer a couple of years ago, when I was placing an order for her first book. My program provides training and support to teachers and teams who work with children and youth with an ASD. We loved the book so much we went on to order hundreds, then hundreds of her second book. They, and she, have been an invaluable resource to our program and the educators we support. We have also booked Jennifer for several speaking engagements and they were always a huge success. Her knowledge of the education system, of what it is to be a teacher and a parent of a child with autism, helps families to trust in her message of collaboration and communication. Jenn is a God send and I am truly blessed to know her.v

Janet Valcourt, Surrey Place Centre

I just spent the weekend working on my IEP’s and after 6 years of doing so I cannot tell you how helpful your book was. I really think Been There Done That should be part of the A.Q. Special Education Courses. It really helped make sense of a rather complicated and confusing process.

Lisa (teacher)

Thank you very much for the lovely book, Autism and the Grandparent Connection . We are still reading and referring to it. Jennifer Krumins provides practical and excellent information about what grandparents should and shouldn’t do. This is one of the best books that we have read so far. Her suggestions of avoiding questions and just playing with your grandchild were good.

A Grandma and Grandpa

Simply put, I liked your book, Been There. Done That. because it was to the point, positive and practical. You didn’t dwell on what students with ASD can’t do, you focused on how to work to overcome the challenges of autism and how to bring out the gifts to produce happy and productive people.

Kelli Pace, Autism Ontario North Bay and Area Chapter

What an amazing resource. I’m respectfully asking for permission to add this book to my list of resources for my special education students. Jen, this is a must read! You brought a face to this exceptionality. You not only described the symptomology with textbook expertise, you put us in the shoes of this child and his parents! You perfectly balanced a teacher’s, mother’s, father’s and child’s perspective of life with ASD. It is not a lament but an ACTION PLAN! Where else is a parent of a child with ASD going to get this? I’ve read so many books espousing the virtues of parental involvement but yours offers real hope by giving parents (and teachers) a plan! The piece about Authentic IEP development is gold! This book is an actual recipe for parent-teacher collaboration… I love this body of work. It is truly a helpful resource.

Dan Loreto, Nipissing University, Northern Team Coordinator for Trillium Demonstration School

I loved it…your book is in written in both parent and classroom teacher friendly language. The explanations and real life examples… make it a great teacher tool regardless of whether you are working with a child with autism or not. It gives a great balance of the perspective of the parent and the teacher perspective and wonderful suggestions as to how to nurture that critical relationship in our efforts to provide necessary supports.

I love the templates, especially the one to go home to initiate the IEP. As a principal, I will use this book over and over to support staff in the yearly process of creating their IEP’s… You have created a wonderfully touching book that will be SO valuable to many teachers and parents who want to do the right things, but don’t have the insight (understanding) necessary or the tools – you gave us both!

I think this should be a must read at least for special education teachers, but I think that all teachers and all parents of children with Autism and of course all administrators, should read it. I read it this evening so it doesn’t take long. It is full of strategies, resources, experiences, explanations, etc. and was well worth my time.

Karen, Principal, B.Ed., MA Fort Assiniboine School

Jennifer Krumins has written an outstanding e-book that every parent and teacher of children with intellectual disabilities should read. As a special education teacher and Kieran’s mother, she brings that unique perspective of professional and parental insight that benefits everyone supporting a child with disabilities. She offers practical, compassionate strategies and accommodations (and extensive checklists)to enhance learning, communication, socializiation, and self-esteem — both in the classroom and at home. And each of those strategies is aimed at helping our kids reach the most important goal: the greatest independence possible as they enter adulthood.

Jennifer Graham, Transition Consultant - www.getontrack.us

Jennifer, Thank you so much. What a wonderful resource – only wish that I had had it for the past 5 years! Fabulous. Thanks.

Amy (Parent of two boys on the spectrum and special ed teacher)

Congratulations on a job well done! The book is articulate and informative – especially to a Grandma of an grandchild with autism! Your explanation of what is being done for the children is of great comfort; and I’m sure others will feel the same way after reading your book – it is a marvelous piece of work; really and truly enlightening! Thank you so much!

Mary Jean (Grandma to Andrew)

I just spent the weekend working on my IEP’s and after 6 years of doing so I cannot tell you how helpful your book was. I really think Been There Done That should be part of the A.Q. Special Education Courses. It really helped make sense of a rather complicated and confusing process.

Lisa, teacher