Has your grandchild’s autism diagnosis has left you feeling helpless and uncertain?

Transform Fear into Hope, Joy and Confidence


Does this sound familiar?

Your grandchild’s autism diagnosis has left you feeling helpless and uncertain.

You live far away from your grandchild and have no clue how to help!

You yearn to have a loving, fun and deep relationship with your grandchild, but he doesn't seem interested in you?

Your attempts to be helpful are met with objection or indifference?



Autism and Grandparents: Deepening the Connection online course

Designed to provide the knowledge, tools and support you need to play an integral role in the life of a child who needs you.

Giving you the answers you need to the questions you have.


Don’t let fear, lack of understanding or distance hold you back.

Finally! A course designed for Grandparents and Family Members 

  • Understand why your grandchild behaves the way he or she does and how you can help
  • Learn the specific skills and knowledge you need to know so that you can be prepared to meet the challenges of autism 
  • Learn how to use practical strategies to calm yourself and your grandchild, especially in crisis situations.


I'm ready to learn!

Isn't it time you stopped...

'Beating yourself up' because you don't seem to be able to help with your grandchild the way you want to...


Feeling so discouraged because caring for this child just feels too difficult...


Getting frustrated with the child and not knowing whether this is autism behavior or just 'bratty' behavior...


Living with doubt and fear of what harm you may be doing to your grandchild or family because you just don't get this autism thing...

Start being the grandparent you want to be for your grandchild living with autism

Choose to learn new skills, deepen your understanding and embrace the chance to find meaning and purpose in the face of autism.

Why does he do that?

Why does he rock back and forth? Why does she only eat chicken nuggets? Why does he go on and on about trains? Why is he terrified of houseflies and yet has no fear of running into the street? Learn what causes children with autism to think and respond so you can interpret your grandchild’s behavior and respond appropriately. With a strong understanding and appreciation for your grandchild's thinking you will feel so much more helpful, engaged and competent in your role as a grandparent.

How can I help?

Many parents tell me that they just want their own parents to “be there” for them. As a grandparent, you do not necessarily have to be in the same physical space as your children and grandchildren in order to ‘be there’ for them. It is your attitude towards autism, your willingness to learn and to change what's not working that will give your family the love and support they need. Learn what you might offer for practical support, what tools you might need and know how to use them. Discover your role in your grandchild's skill development.

What am I doing wrong?

Make no mistake about it: You have the power to quiet the storm that autism inflicts. You can to make life more manageable for your grandchildren and the whole family. But grandparents also have the potential to intensify the storm without even realizing they are doing so. Get the practical and honest guidance you need to identify what might be causing unintended damage to your relationships with your adult children and grandchild. We will solve problems together.


Mentor and teach much needed skills. Imagine how fulfilling it will feel to be able to help to shape skills that don't come naturally to your grandchild.
Spend time alone with your grandchild without fearing meltdowns. Imagine the feeling of having the knowledge to interpret your grandchild's behavior and the skills to be able to offer solutions?

Engage and interact with your grandchild in meaningful ways. Imagine the joy of knowing that you 'get' your grandchild and he/she feels safe with you?

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