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People ask me why I talk with my clients about wellness. After all, isn’t Autism Aspirations about autism?

The answer is simple.

Many of my clients, readers and audiences have their lives so focused on autism and helping others navigate this different and sometimes difficult world that they totally neglect their own health and well-being. As a result, they find themselves struggling with weight issues, loss of energy, lack of inner strength and the stamina they need to get through their days.


Your health is more important than you know. Without it, you simply cannot provide the care, support and inspiration necessary to juggle all that you do. That is why I offer personal wellness coaching to my clients through my partnership with Isagenix® – the leader in nutrition and wellness.

Through a combination of personal ONE-ON-ONE COACHING and customized nutritional solutions through Isagenix, I can help create the HEALTHIEST and BEST you.

  • Learn to lose the extra weight and to maintain

  • Increase your energy levels so you can manage it all

  • Help increase your physical, emotional and mental performance

  • Learn how to manage your stress and optimize wellness


Isagenix® is the leader in nutritional and health products and solutions. As a certified Isagenix® partner, I can help create a customized plan to help you reach your wellness goals.

Isagenix helps my clients bring back their energy levels so they can not only get through their day, but OWN their day – everyday

Isagenix helps stop the battle with the scale and safely brings your weight to where it should be.

Feel sharp again. Be attentive and focused no matter what you are doing. Put your brain back in control.

As your body slows down and your hormones change, Isagenix can help your body adjust to the normal aging process and keep you active and energetic.

No matter what your physical goals are, Isagenix can help maximize your physical performance levels to help you achieve your goals.

Through a combination of Isagenix® and personal coaching, my clients can focus on their physical, mental and emotional health so they can be their best.

Let me show you how to bring back the energy, self-confidence and peace that comes from being in balance and in good health.

As I ventured out into this new wellness mentality, I never felt alone. Jen would make time for me for whatever questions I had or just the support I needed, even when I didn’t know it myself. Her intuition and motivation to help someone comes naturally to her. She genuinely cares about your success.

Anne Price


Whether you want to lose weight or just want to take control of your eating habits, I can help create a plan that works.


Life can be draining. Let me help you regain the energy that you need to take control of your days.


Looking to improve your performance, increase your endurance or increase your muscle mass? I have solutions that can make it easier.


Getting older doesn’t mean you have to slow down. I can truly help you get better with age!


2808, 2017

What You Are NOT Doing

August 28th, 2017|

“Just relax. You need to take time for you. You should be exercising. Eating healthy, clean and organic meals would help you and your family.” Do these well-meaning statements want to make you SCREAM? Just one more thing on the list of things you ARE NOT doing. The never ending ‘should do” litany continues. Whether we are raising, educating or caring working with individuals with autism, or any other special need for that matter, we know all too well that we should be taking care of ourselves. But, the million-dollar question is WHEN? HOW? The demands on our physical, emotional and time resources are excessive on a ‘good’ day! A day in the life of a parent raising a child with autism is jam packed with therapy, appointments, phone calls and interspersed with negotiation, begging and meltdowns. Oh, and don’t forget the laundry, grocery shopping, meal prep, cleaning, attending to

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