We want to share four books that are easy to read, comprehensive and practical guides to educating children of all ages with autism:

One Step at a Time: ABA and Autism in the ClassroomAutism & the Grandparent ConnectionBeen There Done That - Finally Getting it RightUne Etape a la Fois - ACA et Autisme en Classe


At Autism Aspirations we believe that those that care for and/or teach a student with autism need down to earth, straightforward and autism specific advice! We want to save you time, energy, money and most of all, your SANITY! 

We believe in empowering individuals with autism to develop their potential and be who they were created to be!

We want to give you the tools that you need to plan an individualized, authentic and meaningful classroom program for a student with autism based on sound science and experience.

Autism Aspirations PROMISES you:

  • Personal down to earth, common sense advice that I have gained through research and hands on experience as a mother and a teacher of individuals with autism
  • A comprehensive account of what autism might look like in the classroom and practical strategies about how we can teach to these core deficits
  • Answers to: “What is this thing called an IEP? What’s the point of an IEP? And does it really matter?
  • Answers to: “How do I implement ABA in the classroom? What is ABA???”
  • A personal account of the perspective of a teacher and a mother in educating a student with autism
  • Ideas about how work in collaboration as a team
  • An explanation in “non jargon” terms of really important terms that will be a part of educational planning and programming
  • A detailed inventory of what needs to be in an Individual Education Plan for a student with autism and how to incorporate ABA specifically
  • An extensive list of possible accommodations, modifications and possible goals and objectives
  • A detailed but easy to read description of specific facets of Applied Behaviour Analysis and how they can be used in your regular classroom
  • A whole section that is devoted to creating truly effective transition plans
  • Documents that help you to plan before during and after an IEP meeting to make sure that your input is relevant and constructive
  • Sample forms for data collection and skill tracking

Autism Aspirations provides resources for teachers and parents of children with autism; including common sense, down to earth advice gained through research and and hands on experience.

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