Ā Cultivating the potential of individuals with autism by empowering those who serve them.


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Are you a parent, grandparent, or educator?

We have the practical tools you need to transform self doubt, frustration and overwhelm into clarity, confidence and competence

Online Learning

Unique opportunities to learn in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace with a trusted teacher and coach. Courses designed for anyone who is ready to expand their understanding of autism, deepen relationships and grow personally. 

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Four Books. One passion. Empower, inspire and teach those with autism and those who serve them. Practical, down to earth resources written by a teacher and mother who gets it! Together we can transform your journey!

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Join our inner circle. We all need someone who knows first hand how challenging this autism journey can be. Allow me to mentor you as you navigate the joys and challenges. Together let's help you to regain clarity, confidence. 

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At Autism Aspirations we believe thatĀ childrenĀ with autism are best served by adults who are ready to embrace learning, deepen connections and see the possibilities.Ā 


Boost Competence and Confidence

Navigating the world of autism can leave us overwhelmed and doubting our own abilities. Gain a renewed sense of competence and confidence as you learn to empower people with autism to be the best they can be.

Choose What, Where and When you Learn

No need to sit for hours in a conference only to feel utterly exhausted and overwhelmed by the end. Choose what, where and when you will learn. Practical and enthusiastic training that YOU CHOOSE. 

Learn from Firsthand Experience

Who understands better the trials, frustrations as well as the sweetness of moments of success better than a mother and educator who has lived the autism experience at home and at work? You are not alone. 

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