If you have ever been frustrated, confused or uninspired by Individual Education Plans for students with autism this book is for YOU!


A resource written just for you!


Do you ever feel alone or unsure of yourself when you have a student with autism in your class? Does the thought of developing an Individual Education Plan for the students with autism leave you stressed? 

Are you keen to make a student’s education plan meaningful and useful?

Do you need straightforward, practical tools that you can implement immediately?


Do you worry that your child's needs are not being met at school?

Do you have the right information to be an informed, active participant in planning and monitoring your child's unique program and legal rights?

As a mother and a teacher, I have been there, done that and I want to help YOU to get it right! You are a critical member of your child’s educational team – the law enables you to be a powerful advocate for your child. You cannot stand back and hope for the best.


Do you need an easy, yet comprehensive IEP reference for your staffs that teach students with autism spectrum disorders?

Do you want your staff to be aware of the legal and educational ramifications of Individual Education plans and Transition Plans?

No need for high price consultants, advocates and endless hours of research. This resource promises to give you the tools you need to feel more competent, prepared and empowered to be the best educator and parent you can be for a child with autism. 


You need the guidance of someone who has BEEN THERE. DONE THAT -and is GETTING IT RIGHT!


What will you learn?

What is this thing called an Individual Education Plan?

What’s the point of an IEP? And does it really matter?

What needs to be in IEP for a student with autism

How to make the IEP useful and meaningful

How to create effective transition plans (for real)


What's Inside?

  • Personal down to earth, common sense advice gained through research and experience as a mother and a teacher of individuals with autism
  • A comprehensive account of what autism might look like in the classroom and practical strategies about how we can teach to unique learning styles of these students
  • Answers to what is this thing called an IEP? What’s the point of an IEP? And does it really matter?
  • A detailed list of what needs to be in an Individual Education Plan specifically for students with autism
  • A detailed account of how to write meaningful and measurable goals and objectives that match the needs of a student with autism
  • An extensive list of possible accommodations, modifications and possible goals and objectives
  • A whole section that is devoted to creating truly effective transition plans
  • A document that helps you to plan before an IEP meeting to make sure that your input is relevant and constructive
  • Detailed checklists that will keep you on track during an IEP meeting and during transition planning and ensure that the students needs are not overlooked
  • Sample forms for data collection and skill tracking
  • An Assistive Technology Selection and Implementation Guide
  • Down to earth information and tools that you need asap

Finally! A resource created by someone who 'gets it!'


Get straight answers from a mother and autism educator who is living the autism journey

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"Very well written and will save me a lot of time!!"

Catherine S.

"Great Resource!"

Amy G.

"Jennifer Krumins has written an outstanding book that every parent and teacher of children with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities should read. As a special education teacher and mother, of a son with autism, she brings that unique perspective of professional and parental insight that benefits everyone supporting a child with disabilities. She offers practical, compassionate strategies and accommodations (and extensive checklists) to enhance learning, communication, socializiation, and self-esteem -- both in the classroom and at home. And each of those strategies is aimed at helping our kids reach the most important goal: the greatest independence possible as they enter adulthood."

Jennifer Graham
Transition Specialist

"I just spent the weekend working on my IEP's and after 6 years of doing so I cannot tell you how helpful your book was. I really think Been There Done That should be part of the A.Q. Special Education Courses. It really helped make sense of a rather complicated and confusing process."


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