Are you determined to help a student with autism reach his or her potential?


A whole new world

Having a student with autism in your classroom can be intimidating. No two people with autism are alike. Training is minimal, support is stretched to the limits and yet the expectations of parents and administration are high.

Often the teaching strategies that work for so many students are just not effective for students who have autism. 

You need the guidance of someone who 'gets it.' 

I want to help you to feel competent and confident in your role. Most of all I want you to be able to know the rich gifts that students with autism have to give you. I promise that the rewards will be far greater than you can imagine. 

A resource written just for you!

A book for those who need practical down to earth help in planning an authentic and meaningful classroom program based on sound science and experience for a student with autism. Written from the perspective of a mother and teacher, this book aims to make the language of Applied Behaviour Analysis easy to understand and to implement in the classroom.

Complementing Been There. Done That, this books explains how and why the principles of applied behaviour analysis make sense for students with autism. It encourages, empowers and inspires readers to develop methods and attitudes that help students reach their potential.

What's Inside?

  • A comprehensive account of what autism might look like in the classroom and practical strategies about how we can teach to these core deficits using ABA principles
  • A personal account of the perspective of a teacher and a mother in educating a student with autism
  • Help with possible accommodations, modifications, goals and objectives
  • A whole section that is devoted to creating “ABA style” Individual Education Plans and transition plans
  • Examples of IEPs written with ABA language and methods
  • Sample forms for data collection and skill tracking

Teachers love the practical examples of Individual Education Plans written with ABA language and methods and the numerous sample forms for data collection and skill tracking.

Finally, a resource that is packed with information that is engaging, inspiring and empowering!


Get straight answers from a mother and autism educator who is living the autism journey




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"Incredibly useful when writing FBA'S for ASD students."

Cheryl P.

"Very thorough and SO helpful for this homeschooling mom!"

Megan S.

"Very informative thank you! "

Jill T.

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