Help I'm Drowning! You CAN Help

“I feel like I am drowning.

I don’t even know what I am expecting out of this conversation, I’m just a little desperate for someone to understand because I feel like I am failing.”

Gut punch.

A young mother’s words hurl me back in time to the very same emotions – self doubt and overwhelm verging on the cliff of despair.

Parenting is difficult. But for parents of kids living with neurodivergent minds, the challenges come with an added intensity, duration and complexity. The solutions are rarely straightforward and all too often outside observers are quick to offer opinions, advice and wisdom that may be well meaning (and sometimes not) but for many reasons, it is either unhelpful or destructive.  

Problem behaviours rear their heads like a game of Hungry Hippo. But these hippos aren’t cute like they are in the game. They cannot be pushed back down with a simple tap on the head. Unexpected aggression towards self and others, intense...


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