Autism and Grief – Talking About What We Don’t Really Want To Talk About


I know. It’s not exactly a subject line that makes you keep reading. Very few people want to discuss it. It is one of those topics that is unsettling and hard to entertain.

We can avoid talking about it. But let’s face it; it is inevitable for every single living creature. Even humans.

But, as my own niece with autism taught me, the price of dodging the discussion is very high - especially for those who live with autism.

My last blog ( was to be the first of several blogs dedicated to the subject and my intention was to share more of what the research taught me.

And then, very unexpectedly – my mother died.

Five hundred miles away, I didn’t even know she had been admitted to the hospital until it was too late. She had told my sister she would call me to fill me in on her short stay.

She never did.

I was knee deep in the research on grief...


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